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New 2021 OCWPC Team Apparel

Hey, OC Athletes & Families - we hope you're all doing great and loving all the time we have back in the pool! We're grateful for everyday we have in the water and everyday we have you with us - such a joy to see everyone again! Thanks to Coach Justin Kroeze, we have our new 2021 team apparel designed and ready to order. We just posted up the new ... More

OCWPC 2019/2020 Season Apparel Now Available

Oh, sniggety snap, is that the new OCWPC 2019/2020 apparel line-up? Oooooo, you know it is! "Me! Me! Pick me! I want it! I want it!" Settle down, settle down. Everyone will have a chance to rock the new gear. Click up on our "Store" link up top, or we'll save you the flick of the mouse and you can click this handy OCWPC Store link here. Who ... More