OCWPC – 14u Boys


What Parents Are Saying

  • “My son got into water polo about six years ago and it’s changed his life – he’s very proud of himself and it has given him a total identity. Because he’d like to play at the next level, he does very well in school and he works very hard. It’s helped him make friends. The reality for us is that this is our family. Peter is the leader of this club and we owe the world to him. He turned my son into a man. That’s true.” - Peter F.
  • “My son has been a member of OCWP since he was ten years old – he’s now 14 and getting ready to go into high school. You know – he’s going to go into high school with confidence, with friends from the club, socially he’s going to be advanced compared to freshman, athletically he’ll be – whether or not he plays Freshman JV or Varsity is irrelevant – he’s going to be confident and secure because of this club.” - Mike C.
  • “The best part about OC is the friendships, getting in shape, it gives you something to do. Water polo is a fantastic sport – I’d never seen it before my son’s first practice when he was ten. He jumped in, he took to it, he was a natural and we’ve been here since. We love the coaches and love the kids and even though he’s going to Santa Margarita and some of his buddies are going to Dana Hills and some are going to San Juan Hills, they all look forward to staying at OC and seeing each other at practices.” - Dan G.
  • “I have kids on the 16U, 14U and 10U teams. Water polo provides them with a sense of discipline, strength and sportsmanship. The coaches are very passionate about the sport. They love their kids and are very knowledgeable about the sport and the skills that are needed for each age level. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” - Kristi E.

Practice Schedule – 14 & Under Boys

Monday 7:00pm-9:00pm SJHHS
Tuesday 7:00pm-9:00pm SJHHS
Thursday 7:00pm-9:00pm SJHHS
Friday 7:00pm-9:00pm SJHHS


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Arash Borujerdpur

e: CoachArash@ocwpc.com m: (949) 554-8409

Garret Glore

e: CoachGarret@ocwpc.com m: 949-922-4090

Petar Asic

President & Head Coach
Experienced Water Polo Coach with more than 16 years of experience planning, ...

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