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What Parents Are Saying

  • “In the three years my son has participated in OCWPC, he has benefited in ways I had expected and in others I had not. You know going in that your kid will build physical strength, fortitude and a certain mental toughness of playing a sport like water polo. I did not expect, but he too now has learned: self-control, putting self before others for the greater good, leadership, and that failure most often precedes success – all good lessons to become a successful person in and out of the pool.” - Steven M.
  • “My wife and I didn’t come from an organized sports background so everything about this world – coaches, practices, games, tournaments – all of it – was new to us. We’ve been with OCWPC for 4 years now and I’ve got to tell you – water polo has been one of the best things that has happened to us. The friends we’ve all made (kids & parents), the way the sport has physically and mentally shaped the kids in absolutely positive ways. I don’t know. I guess you’d call me a fan now. I love this sport. I love this club. Thanks, Peter, for everything you do to keep this going!” - Jesse B.

Practice Schedule – 12u Boys

Tuesday 5:30pm-7:30pm JSerra
Thursday 5:30pm-7:30pm JSerra
Friday 5:30pm-7:30pm JSerra
Saturday 12:00pm-2:00pm SJHHS

OCWPC 12U Videos

“The objective of the club is to recruit athletes at a young age and focus on developing a solid foundation of technical and tactical practice, patience, and persistence, the three “Ps” of water polo which translate into important life lessons for the years to come. The club is committed towards coaching at all levels of the sport, primarily focusing on developing elite athletes. We strongly encourage participation before 12 years of age, with 8 years of age being the ideal.

Our primary focus is the development of young athletes into adult champions rather than attempting to recruit adult champions. The club plans to provide coaching throughout all the age groups.

Consider that when constructing a solid building, the engineer will begin with a solid foundation at the basement, not at the roof or on the second floor. It is crucial that athletes receive good instruction at a young age. This will ensure they will develop good habits and reach their optimum potential.” – Head Coach Petar Asic


Christian Macias

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Justin Kroeze

Justin began playing water polo in Southern California at the age of 12. In the ...

Mike Stein

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Todd Simmons

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