A quick recap of the 14U Boys Junior Olympics SOPAC Qualifiers // June 4th – 6th

Big shout out to 14U Boys Dad, Steve Montano, for putting together this video montage (a Mont-age? A Montano-ge? ;) ) of the 14U Boys' Junior Olympics Qualifiers (SOPAC Division) this past weekend. They look solid! Nice work, Coach Marko! Keep up the good work, boys!   More

New 2021 OCWPC Team Apparel

Hey, OC Athletes & Families - we hope you're all doing great and loving all the time we have back in the pool! We're grateful for everyday we have in the water and everyday we have you with us - such a joy to see everyone again! Thanks to Coach Justin Kroeze, we have our new 2021 team apparel designed and ready to ... More

New COVID-19 OCWPC Return to Play Protocols for 2021

First off - a huge "Hello!" to all of you; we have missed our Families, our Players, and our Coaches tremendously this past year. We are really excited that we are able to get our pools re-opened and would like to acknowledge and thank every family that has been waiting patiently with us this past year to see our kids ... More

Training // Shoulder Training Routines for the Water Polo Player

Hey, OCWPC Athletes & Families – Former OCWPC Alums & Coaches Chandler and Troy Kaltenbach put together a training series on Shoulder Mobility Work for the water polo player! These are a series of exercises that can easily be performed anywhere around the house, as long as you have access to a resistance band. ... More

2020 OCWPC Family BBQ Recap + Photos

  Wow! What an epic BBQ that was with you all! The weather was amazing, the place was packed and the vibes were right. Thank you to all the families,  players, and coaches who turned out to make the day great - we couldn't have done it without you all. Huge thank you to Petar & Lada Asic for making it ... More

Club BBQ and Massive Club Photo, Saturday February 29th, 2020

  Hey, gang! Here's the skinny on the upcoming BBQ on the 29th:   BBQ + Potluck | 11AM - 3PM We're planning on serving up burgers &hot dogs, hot off the BBQ but wanted to get your help with, you know, everything else like waters, gatorades, salads, fruit, desserts, and that special thing that ... More

2020 OCWPC Golf Tournament, Dinner & Helicopter Ball Drop Fundraiser

Hello, OCWPC Families! We are thrilled to announce our 2020 club-wide Golf Tournament, Dinner & Helicopter Ball Drop Fundraiser at Tijeras Creek Golf Club on Friday, April 24th. Why are we so excited? We haven’t had a club-wide golf tournament since 2013 and we are super amped about getting together for an ... More

Announcing OCWPC’s Newest Coach – Ivan Asic

You probably saw that Facebook post a week ago about the roster of 134 boys on our 16U & 18U teams and how OC's Head Coach, Petar Asic, reached out to a world-class coach for some advice. We thought we'd keep the announcement under wraps for a few days while we worked out the details, but it's confirmed - the Head ... More

OCWPC Tournament Results // 2019 Evan Cousineau Memorial Cup

33 Games. Eight Teams. Six Pools. One Great Weekend. Big thanks to all the parents, coaches and players who made this past weekend's 2019 Evan Cousineau Memorial Cup another great one. OCWPC fielded eight teams for the tournament and we were blessed with that dreamy kind of SoCal fall weather we all love - brisk ... More

Catching up with the Likins Family

We are so appreciative of our families and have had so many wonderful families come through the program that we asked ourselves, “OC, why haven’t we stopped and written some of their stories down?” So that’s what we did. We caught up with Elizabeth Likins and talked to her about her family’s long relation... More