OCWPC Tournament Results // 2019 Evan Cousineau Memorial Cup

33 Games. Eight Teams. Six Pools. One Great Weekend.

Big thanks to all the parents, coaches and players who made this past weekend’s 2019 Evan Cousineau Memorial Cup another great one.

OCWPC fielded eight teams for the tournament and we were blessed with that dreamy kind of SoCal fall weather we all love – brisk mornings, breezy & warm afternoons, and those cool evenings with big sapphire skies that mean autumn has arrived… is there anything better, folks, than watching your kids play this sport on days like these? I don’t know… seems like a highwater mark to us…

Here’s a couple of photos, comments & game results for ya:

10U Coed Team | Coach Trevor McMunn & Coach Madi Matsushima| Gold Bracket

The 10U Coeds played in the Gold bracket this year and came out strong with two strong wins on Saturday and ended the tourney 2-2.

OCWPC 10U Coed vs South Bay United 22-7
OCWPC 10U Coed vs SC Tritons 17-7
OCWPC 10U Coed vs Renegades 7-17
OCWPC 10U Coed vs Trojan 4-6



12U Girls Team | Coach Kelcie Ferreira-Mourer & Coach Kenny Yamamoto | Gold Bracket


Super OCWPC Mom, Sara Kaltenbach, said “The first big tournament of the year was so much fun! It was great to see the girls come together and play together so well in such a small amount of time. Coach Kelcie is amazing!” Thanks, Sara!

OCWPC 12U Girls vs Rose Bowl 11-3
OCWPC 12U Girls vs Northwood 11-10
OCWPC 12U Girls vs Shore 9-12
OCWPC 12U Girls vs SoCal 6-8



12U Boys Red Team | Coach Todd Simmons & Coach Christian Macias | Silver Bracket


The 12U Boys Red team opened the tourney with two solid wins and then closed Sunday with two losses against South Bay United & Laguna Beach.

OCWPC 12U Boys Red vs SoCal Gold 10-7
OCWPC 12U Boys Red vs Newport Beach Silver 16-6
OCWPC 12U Boys Red vs South Bay United 9-15
OCWPC 12U Boys Red vs Laguna Beach 5-10



12U Boys Blue Team | Coach Christian Macias & Coach Mike Stein | Platinum Bracket


The 12U Boys Blue team played in the Platinum bracket and opened the weekend with an 8AM game in Westminster against LA Premier which ended in a loss. Saturday evening, they fought a nail-biting game with Rose Bowl who had possession in front of the OC goal with 20 seconds to go; OC’s defense was strong, the boys kept that goal out and ended with a 9-8 victory.

OCWPC 12U Boys Blue vs LA Premier 6-20
OCWPC 12U Boys Blue vs Rose Bowl 9-8
OCWPC 12U Boys Blue vs 680 Drivers 5-11
OCWPC 12U Boys Blue vs United Black 16-7



14U Boys Red Team | Coach Garret Glore & Coach Arash Borujerdpur | Gold Bracket

The 14U Boys Red team started out with a tough loss against a good team from Texas – Thunder Water Polo, a close second game loss to Arroyo Grande and finished strong with two wins against United Blue & Rose Bowl B.

OCWPC 14U Boys Red vs Thunder Black 2-13
OCWPC 14U Boys Red vs Arroyo Grande 7-9
OCWPC 14U Boys Red vs United Blue 15-7
OCWPC 14U Boys Red vs Rose Bowl B 9-5



14U Boys Blue Team | Coaches Peter Asic, Garret Glore & Arash Borujerdpur | Platinum Bracket


The 14u Boys Blue team also opened the tourney in a game against another Texan team – Pegasus – that ended in a 6-8 loss, but a solid win for getting to meet some of the Pegasus parents that made the trek out West. #ForTheLoveOfTheGame The 14u Boys went on to three strong wins agains Newport Beach White, Stanford B & Pride Black.

OCWPC 14U Boys Blue vs Pegasus Blue 6-8
OCWPC 14U Boys Blue vs Newport Beach White 9-1
OCWPC 14U Boys Blue vs Stanford B 14-4
OCWPC 14U Boys Blue vs Pride Black 12-5



16U Girls Team | Coach Chris Smithson & Coach Chandler Kaltenbach

The girls opened the tourney with a 4-12 loss against the SET Pink team but dominated the remainder of the weekend, playing four more games. Game footage for the Tsunami B team is above; enjoy!

OCWPC 16U Girls vs SET Pink 4-12
OCWPC 16U Girls vs Trojan 16 12-2
OCWPC 16U Girls vs Tsunami B 14-2
OCWPC 16U Girls vs Tsunami A 19-4
OCWPC 16U Girls vs Trojan 16 11-3



18U Girls Team | Coach Ivan Buich

We asked one of the team Dads, Mike Fitzpatrick, about the weekend and this is what he had to say – “The team came prepared for the tournament, pressing the team representing Santa Margarita High School (SET Blue) to a close finish, but ultimately falling to a 7-10 loss. From there on, the team played outstanding, finishing with three strong wins against Riverside, SoCal Black & Huntington Beach WPC Blue.

Our OC girls definitely bonded during the tournament and their support for each other was apparent from both the scores and the camaraderie they had in & out of the water.”

OCWPC 18U Girls vs SET Blue 7-10
OCWPC 18U Girls vs Riverside 14-6
OCWPC 18U Girls vs SoCal Black 14 8-3
OCWPC 18U Girls vs HBWPC Blue 11-3

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