Parent Meeting Wrap-up

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to follow up on last night’s Parent Meeting at JSerra and thank everyone who came. What a turnout! Wow!

Here’s to all the parents who fought for parking, grabbed spots in the sketchy yellow zones, walked 1/4 mile to come meet a bunch of new people, new coaches and see their kids have a great time in the water.

Parents – you guys make this happen! We are so appreciative of you!

An extra special thanks to all the families from Alliance that came last night – we are stoked that you are interested in checking us out and just want to extend a special “Welcome” to you all. We don’t take anything for granted and appreciate you spending the time to get to know us. OC is a tight group that plays hard, laughs out loud, supports each other, BBQs together, cheers when we’re up, cheers when we’re down, drives to see another one of our teams playing and root for them – we’re in it because we love it. We’re in it because this is good for our kids. And – in the meantime, we get to build some pretty cool relationships with other families along the way. Who knew?

We hope you give us a shot.

Ah, to heck with that! We’ll see you all on the pool deck! Who could walk away from an epicenter of radness like this?

Here are a few photos from last night.



Coach Todd and Coach Petar. Coach Todd was like “Yo. You TOLD me to wear the white long sleeve shirt. Why do you get to wear the short-sleeve grey one?? It’s not like its a billion degrees out. It’s cool. I’ll just pass out over there.” Petar’s like “Don’t talk. Take picture for guy.”

Smile, boys!



A rare pic of the Chief. Lookin’ sharp, Petar!




ocwpc-parent-meeting-2019-09-06_8 ocwpc-parent-meeting-2019-09-06_9 ocwpc-parent-meeting-2019-09-06_10 ocwpc-parent-meeting-2019-09-06_11 ocwpc-parent-meeting-2019-09-06_12 ocwpc-parent-meeting-2019-09-06_13

Coach Trevor workin’ his mojo. What’s his mojo, you ask? Coachin’ & tellin’ it like it is. Preach that sacred Water Polo Gospel, brother! We love Trev! Can’t wait to see what he does with the 10U’s this year.


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