16U Schedule Update

Congratulations to all of our athletes on a successful swim (and volleyball) season! We are excited to get back to water polo and get some work in before JO Quals next month and JOs the month after that. We will be adjusting our schedule again until school is out for the summer.

Here is the latest schedule:

16U Blue (Coach Kenny’s Team)
Monday 6-8 PM @ Dana
Wednesday 7-9 PM @ Dana
Friday 6-8 PM @ Dana
Saturday 2-4 PM @ SJHHS

16U Red (Coach Krsto’sTeam)
Monday 7-9 PM @ Dana
Wednesday 6-8 PM @ Dana
Friday 7-9 PM @ Dana
Saturday 2-4 PM @ SJHHS

Please make sure to let your coach know if you are unable to make practice for any reason.

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