OCWPC – 10u Mixed



What Parents Are Saying

  • “Water polo has been great for my girls and we’ve been doing it for about two years. We’ve been getting serious for the past year and it’s shown them how to work with others, how to overcome obstacles in their minds and how to push themselves to new levels. They really like it. I think the coaches are great – it’s one of the reasons we were drawn to OC Water Polo. They have a European background where water polo is a big deal. They have a passion for the game and that transfers over to our kids. They really connect with that.” - Kelvin M.
  • “My wife and I didn’t come from an organized sports background so everything about water polo was new to us. We’ve been with the OCWPC for about 8 months now and since probably the second week, we knew it was one of the best things we’ve ever done for our kids. We’ve got a daughter on the 12U Girls team, a son on the 10U Coed team and a 7 year old who comes to every practice and can’t wait until his chops are good enough for game time. The parents are supportive of each other, the kids are rad, the coaches are amazing, the games – boy – crazy fun with lots of ups and downs. What’s really neat is that the game gives us a chance to have awesome conversations with the kids about life. About not giving up, listening, patience, endurance, staying in shape – and – wait for it – the right to kick some butt in the water. It’s a game after all! Go OC! See you at the pool!” - Jesse B.
  • “I have kids on the 16U, 14U and 10U teams. Water polo provides them with a sense of discipline, strength and sportsmanship. The coaches are very passionate about the sport. They love their kids and are very knowledgeable about the sport and the skills that are needed for each age level. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” - Kristi E.

Practice Schedule – 10u Mixed

Monday 5:00pm-7:00pm SJHHS
Wednesday 5:00pm-7:00pm SJHHS
Friday 5:00pm-7:00pm SJHHS
Saturday 12:00pm-2:00pm SJHHS


Todd Simmons

e: splashball@ocwpc.com m: 310-344-9827

Trevor McMunn

e: coachmcmunn@gmail.com m: 949-357-4233

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